Cupcake Bath Bomb.

Salam and Hello bleeps,

Still remember this photo? This is us promo for our new product.

This is actually a Cupcake Bath Bombs. Can you believe it? We called it Cupcake Series.

They are so amazing, if I do say so myself!  Each one has a frosting bath melt piled sky high on top of a generous bath fizzie.  Each one is scented in one of our popular fragrances.  They come in beautiful clear boxes, ready to treat your favorite someone.

When it's bath time, just remove the paper liner and plop in the bath. The frosting is a slowly-dissolving bath melt which softens the skin, and the bottom is a fragrant fizzie bath bomb!
The pretty swirled white and pink frosting is a skin softening bath melt, and the base is a fizzie bath bomb. Scented with strawberry and chocolate, it's the ultimate treat!
HB2U Cupcake Bath Bomb! We got the brightest, shiniest cupcake wrapper we could find and topped off the Vanilla Icing scented frosting with sparkly sugar crystals and adorable oversized sprinkles!

Creamy and citrusy, our Oranges Cupcake Bath Bomb will be a new favorite!
 Scented with orange sherbet, it's a crowd pleaser!
So let try it out during this fasting month.


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